Tasting Notes: Fraga Farm Goat Cheese

Fraga Farm Farmhouse  'Goat'zzarella Fraga Farm's version of mozzarella made with goat milk is a mild, slightly salty cheese.  The texture is a little firmer than a traditional fresh mozzarella but it's still a soft, delicate cheese with the characteristic stringiness of mozzarella....and for being a goat's milk cheese, I'm  surprised at how neutral (i.e. non-goaty) this cheese tastes.  The mild flavor makes this a perfect cheese to add to a sandwich.

Fraga Farm CheeseFraga Farm Farmhouse Jalapeno

This  soft-textured creamy cheese is still firm enough to hold its shape. It's another exceedingly mild cheese that, in this case, forms a perfect backdrop for the jalapeno.... I guess I'm a purist, but I tend not to like these types of cheese-products that mix flavorings in with the cheese (you see this a lot with cheese curd).  Overall, though, this is an agreeable cheese, and the mild spiciness lingers pleasantly after you've eaten it.

additional notes:  the only retail location where I've seen Fraga Farm cheese is Food Front Co-op in Northwest Portland (that's in addition to local farmer's markets). Fraga Farm products are also certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

additional additional notes: you know, this stuff has really grown on me. Farmhouse Jalapeno is great spread on a bagel, a welcome alternative to the usual sticky cream cheese. I can't stop eating the Goatzzarella - though it's very mild, after tasting it a few times I've discovered a subtle nutiness that I really enjoy.