Cheese Label Collectors

artisan cheese labelsRecently I received an email from cheese label collector Tomas Plach of the Czech Republic. He writes: I have been interested for some years in collecting cheese labels and other kinds of cheese packages (like printed films or boxes) and I have become a member of the Club of the curiosities collectors. My collection is mainly made up of our cheese labels but recently I have been interested in foreign ones.

Because I have managed to get your address I would like to ask you to send me your cheese labels which would enable me to enrich my collection. Cheese labels from your country are very rare for me and it is very hard for me to collect them from other sources than by direct contacting (the) producer. You would be very kind to send me some duplicates.

Anyway, Mr. Plach also has a web site - see here. You can click on, among other things, the French cheese label gallery or the cheese labels from Camembert of Normandy. Interesting stuff.

If you're interested in helping him out, contact information is available on his web site.