Tillamook Closes Bandon Retail Store

Tillamook Cooperative Creamery has closed the Bandon Cheese retail store in Bandon, Oregon.  Thus ends a chapter of Oregon cheese history devoted to the long (and strange) saga of Tillamook and the Bandon Cheese factory. Let's review: Tillamook purchased Bandon Cheese in 2000, taking over the Bandon brand for itself. In 2002, Tillamook closed the Bandon factory outright, leaving the retail store as the remaining outpost and symbol of Bandon's cheesemaking past. Now, the retail store is gone as well.

Another aspect of the sordid Tale of Tillamook and Bandon encompasses Tillamook's misguided pursuit of its newly acquired "Bandon" trademark. Tillamook threatened the city of Bandon, Oregon with a lawsuit for violating its intellectual property by using the name "Bandon." Here's some of the back story on this issue from RoguePundit. Even the folks in Bandon, Ireland began to worry (reg req'd) that they, too, would suffer the infamous wrath of TIllamook.

And, as Willamette Week reported last year in this article, Bandon Cheese is now actually made in Wisconsin (although according to the Bandon factory's original recipes) and shipped back to Oregon for packaging and distribution.