Cheese Shops in Washington

On the right hand side of this site I list cheese shops, and shops that sell cheese, in the Pacific Northwest. For awhile I've just had lists for the big metropolitan areas like Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, BC. But Washington seems to be sprouting cheese shops like crazy these days, so I've added a new category of cheese shops called "Cheese Shops - Elsewhere in Washington." Next time you're traveling, I encourage you to visit one of these shops. Email me if you have additional suggestions or listings.

*-*  Saunders Cheese Shop in Spokane just opened in September. Look for a profile of this shop here in the next few weeks by guest poster and Spokane chef David Blaine, who also writes the blog From the Back Kitchen.

*-*  Salumiere Cesario in Walla Walla opened in April of this year. This shop houses Washington's only temperature and climate controlled Walk-in Cheese Closet, where up to four people at a time can enter, view and taste cheese at their leisure.

*-* The Resident Cheesemonger in Edmonds also has an outstanding web site where you can mail order a wide variety of cheeses, both foreign and domestic.

*-* The Cheesemonger's Shop in Leavenworth is the place to stop for cheese, sausages and other European goodies while you're in Leavenworth getting your Bavarian village fix.