Farmstead Cheese News

Recently I discovered Karen Bolla's e-newsletter, Farmstead Cheese News. Karen is a chef and author who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She's been producing her newsletter for over a year now, and it's full of recipes, news, regional information and interviews with a variety of cheese people (check out her interesting lunch interview with Colette Hatch, also known as 'Madame de Fromage' in the June issue). You can either read or subscribe to Farmstead Cheese News, and if you subscribe, Karen will send you a monthly link to the latest issue. Another great way to keep up on food and cheese related info focused on Northern California and environs.

additional note: due to an influx of comment spam (something about emeralds) I've had to change the settings for this site. Comments will have to be moderated from now on, which means I will have to validate them before they appear. Don't worry, I'm not editing - just verifying that you actually have something to say about cheese.