Tasting Notes: Rockhill Creamery Wasatch Mountain Gruyere

Rockhill CreameryRockhill Creamery is a small creamery in Richmond, Utah that's making some great cheese from the milk of just five Brown Swiss cows (see my prior profile of Rockhill Creamery here). Former journalists Pete Schropp and Jennifer Hines of Rockhill Creamery make several styles of Gouda, a cow's milk feta as well as the Wasatch Mountain Gruyere. The Wasatch is a lovely warm yellow cheese speckled throughout with small holes. The texture is semi-soft and creamy in the same way swiss cheese typically is (I think of this as 'waxy', though I don't mean the term pejoratively) and so your mouth's first impression is that buttery, melting quality. Slowly, lovely herby and complex fruity, even slightly sweet flavors develop. Wasatch Gruyere does have some of the taste and singular tang (often described as 'nutty') of a traditional Gruyere, but for me the dominant flavors were grassy and pungent, finishing with a tart sharpness that made me want to go back for more. And I did.

I tried this cheese a few months ago and while I liked it then, I really liked what I tried last week (see photo). I suspect that we're seeing the influence of sweet spring milk on wheels that are available now. . . another lesson in cheese seasonality.

Rockhill Creamery Cheeses are available in Oregon at Market of Choice stores, and in Portland at Steve's Cheese and Foster & Dobbs. In Seattle, you can find Rockhill Creamery cheeses at The Cheese Cellar.

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Rockhill Creamery Pete Schropp & Jennifer Hines PO Box 377 Richmond, UT   84333 435.258.1278