American Cheese Society Awards 2007 - Northwest Winners

The results are in and Northwest cheesemakers scored 30 awards at the American Cheese Society Competition this year. This is quite a showing and represents an improvement over last year,  where local cheeses won a total of 21 awards. I've listed the results below - to view the full judging brochure with all categories and winners, see here.  Congratulations to all!

Overall Best in Show winner was the Leelanu Aged Raclette, made by Black Star Farms in Suttons Bay, Michigan. I'm glad to see this cheese win, it came very close last year and the prize is well deserved.

On to the local prizes, in alphabetical order by cheesemaker:

Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese (Idaho)

First Place - Farmstead Cheeses Open Category (cow's milk) - Golden Greek (Halloumi style)

Beecher's Handmade Cheese (Washington)

Second Runner up - Best in Show - Beecher's Flagship Reserve
First Place - Aged Cheddars/All Milks - Beecher's Flagship Reserve
Third Place - Cow's Milk Cheddar - Aged less than 12 mo. - Beecher's Flagship Reserve (small truckle)

Black Sheep Creamery (Washington)

Third Place - Feta (sheep's milk) - Feta
Second Place - Fresh Sheep's Milk Cheese
Second Place - Fresh Sheep's Milk Cheese (flavor added) - Rosemary and Garlic
Second Place - Aged Sheep's Milk Cheeses - Mopsy's Best

Estrella Family Creamery (Washington)

First Place - Smoked Italian Style Cheese - Weebles (Natural Alder Smoke)

Rivers Edge Chevre (Oregon)

Third Place - Open Category (goat's milk) - St. Olga
Third Place - Smoked Cheese (Open Category - goat's milk) - Up in Smoke
Second Place - Fresh Goat's Milk Cheeses (flavor added) - Roasted Hazelnut and Frangelico Torte
First Place - Marinated Cheeses - Flavor Added (all milks) - Confetti Moons (olive oil and herbs)

Rogue Creamery (Oregon)

Third Place - Flavor Added Cheddar (spices, herbs, seasonings, fruits, etc) - Chipotle Cheddar
Second Place - Blue Mold Cheeses (cow's milk) - Crater Lake Blue
Second Place - Blue Mold Cheeses - (cow's milk) - Rogue River Blue
First Place - Blue Mold Cheeses - (mixed milk) - Echo Mountain Blue

Rollingstone Chevre (Idaho)

Third Place - Cultured Products (goat's milk) - Fromage Blanc

Tillamook (Oregon)

Second Place - Flavor Added Cheddar - Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar
Third Place - Flavor Added Cheddar - White Cheddar with Smoked Black Pepper
Second Place - Smoked Cheddars - Smoked Medium Cheddar

Tumalo Farms (Oregon)

Third Place - Flavored Cheeses - Open Category (goat's milk)  - Antigo
First Place - Farmstead Cheese Open Category (goat's milk) - Classico
First Place - Farmstead Cheese - All Milks - Flavor Added - Fenacho

Willamette Valley Cheese Co. (Oregon)

Second Place - Soft Ripened Cheese (cow's milk) - Spring Valley Brie
First Place American Made/International Style (cow's milk) - Farmstead Gouda
First Place - Open Category (cow's milk) - Perrydale
Second Place - Fresh Unripened Cheeses - all milks - Queso Fresco
Third Place - Smoked Cheeses (cow's milk) - Smoked Gouda
Second Place - Farmstead Cheeses with flavor added - all milks - Cumin Gouda