Bandon Cheese Factory Loss, Lament

One of the most read and commented-on posts on this website is a small, unassuming spot I did back when the Bandon cheese store closed in 2005.  Bandon is a small town on the southern Oregon coast whose cheese factory was a popular tourist destination. The factory originally began making cheese in the early 1900s. Tillamook purchased Bandon in 2000, eventually taking the brand but closing down production in the small town.  Brad Sinko, whose family owned Bandon Cheese until its purchase, is now making cheese at Beecher's in Seattle.

People are still lamenting the loss of the Bandon cheese factory. A couple of weeks ago, one commenter reported that the factory building had been torn down.  I couldn't resist calling attention to today's comment, which came in the form of a poem:

Goodbye, Bandon Cheese

Oh creamy, fanciful, Bandon cheese,
Oregonian by location
You tempted an entire nation.

Cranberry walnut, a favorite choice,
Many tourists purchased to imbibe
The pounds gained were not easy to hide.

Destroyed by a second string cheese foe,
A vacant building at the roadside,
Swept away by a corporate tide.

Sorrow gives me new voice,
Fond memories of gastronomical bliss,
My fetish started with a Bandon curd's kiss.