NW Cheesemaker Fundraising Options & Events

Below is a list of donation options for those interested in helping out with flood relief efforts in the Northwest. Most funds are designated for farms generally and would include cheesemakers under that umbrella. Plans for a cheesemaker-specific benefit bank account are in the works - I'll provide details when available.

In Portland, we are in the early stages of organizing a fundraising event to benefit affected cheesemakers. The event, "Cheese for a Good Cause," will be held on Friday February 1, 2008. Watch this website for further details.

* DeLaurenti's in Seattle is collecting funds for affected cheesemakers at the registers. DeLaurenti's will match all funds collected.

* Madison Market in Seattle is collecting funds at their registers for farms identified as needing support by Washington Tilth.

* Olympia Food Coop in Olympia, Washington has started a Farm Relief Fund that will benefit farmers and cheesemakers that the coop supports. You can donate at checkouts at both locations.

* Olympia Farmer's Market fund benefits farmers who attend the market in Olympia, Washington. Donations accepted online.

* Seattle Neighborhood Farmer's Market Alliance Good Farmer Fund  - these folks had the foresight to create an ongoing fund specifically designed to aid farmers in need. See their web site for details.

* Washington Farm Bureau Farm Relief Fund has already collected $35,000 for the benefit of Washington's farmers affected by the storms.

* Washington Tilth list of donation options including some you may not have thought of, like the American Red Cross.

It's worth pointing out that many are also helping out by providing volunteer time and energy, or offering animals to re-populate affected herds.

If you know of other fundraising efforts or opportunties leave a comment or email me at pnwcheese-at-yahoo-dot-com.