Formaticum: For the Love of Cheese

FormaticumSo much good cheese, so little time in which to consume it before it becomes, well, less than optimum. That's why you need the services of Portland, Oregon based Formaticum, purveyor of fine cheese wrapping and storage acoutrements. Formaticum Cheese Paper, the flagship product, is double layered storage paper, made in France, printed with a US map that highlights domestic artisan cheese producers. "It's the same material used by the finest cheese shops in France," says Formaticum founder and president Mark Goldman. Other products available for sale include a cheese journal for recording tasting notes on all of your favorite finds, as well as cheese knives and domes for keeping cheese in peak condition.

Naturally, Formaticum's products make great holiday gifts for the cheese lover but these are also practical items that you can (and will) use yourself if you love cheese. I've been using Formaticum's cheese paper for some months now and can personally attest to its usefulness. Also, since I'm partial to domestic artisan cheesemakers, I give special bonus style points to Formaticum paper because of its distinctive design slant. Go Rivers Edge! Go Uplands Dairy! Go Twig Farm!

You may have already admired Formaticum's products at your favorite retailers - from Steve's Cheese and Foster & Dobbs to New Seasons in Portland, to Madison Market and DeLaurenti's in Seattle to Zabar's in New York, but now you can order them online here. The web site is also worth checking out for its extensive advice about cheese care and storage.

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Formaticum: Practical Solutions for Cheese Storage