Washington Cheese News

Black Sheep Creamery Featured in Seattle Times Article

Yesterday's Seattle Times had an article about a farm family from Snohomish County, Washington (near Seattle) helping out the Gregorys of Black Sheep Creamery. You can read the article here.

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Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy on the Move

Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy is relocating from its current home on Washington's Long Beach Peninsula to a farm near Buena Vista, Colorado. Washington will lose a fine cheesemaker but Coloradans can look forward to lots of great cheese from Dawn Jump and her family. For more information see their web site here.

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New Cheesemaker Larkhaven Farm

Welcome to new cheesemakers Larkhaven Farm, located near Tonasket in Okanogan County near the Canadian border. They're making goat and sheep's milk cheeses: a Manchego style cheese, a Feta and Rosa Rugosa, a mold ripened Corsican style cheese.

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Twin Oaks Creamery Update

Here's some more information about Twin Oaks Creamery, a small cheesemaker located near Black Sheep Creamery in the area hard hit by recent flooding. According to this article in the Tacoma News Tribune, Heather and Gary Howell lost 500 pounds of cheese, all of their goats except for one, and suffered damage to their house and property.