Tasting Notes: Pholia Farm Covered Bridge & Wimer Winter

Pholia Farm Cheese Pholia Farm makes delicious cheeses in Rogue River, Oregon from the milk of their herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Not only are these goats cute, but their milk is higher in butterfat than other goat breeds, lending added flavor and character to the resulting cheese. Here are two of my favorites:

Covered Bridge ::: This cheese is aged about three months. During the make process, the cheese curds are washed with Wild River Nut Brown Ale, made in Grants Pass, OR (near the farm). I'm really impressed with this creamy, velvety smooth cheese that combines a tart, almost fruity undertone with tangy and toasty carmel highlights. Outstanding.

Wimer Winter ::: Stinky cheese lovers rejoice!  Made only during the fall and winter months, Wimer Winter is a washed rind cheese with a constellation of up front flavors - salty, earthy and yeasty all at once. This is a strong cheese that gets your attention - in a good way.

Pholia Farm cheeses are available locally at Steve's Cheese in Portland, in southern Oregon at Rogue Creamery or directly from the farm; they're not currently available in Washington.