Tasting Notes: Queseria Bendita Requeson

Queseria Bendita Yakima WAQueseria Bendita is a small cheesemaking operation in Yakima, WA. They've been operating since 2000 and make primarily Queso Fresco, Requeson and sometimes Queso Panela, which they distribute to Hispanic specialty markets in Everett, Seattle and Tacoma, Washington and Hillsboro, Oregon. According to Sandra Aguilar, cheesemaker and daughter of founder Benedita Aguilar, their Requeson is a true whey cheese (like traditional ricotta) - made not from milk but from the whey by-product of the cheesemaking process. The curds are like little cloud pillows, soft and fluffy. The flavor is surprisingly complex for a fresh cheese....pleasantly dairy with slightly cooked, tangy carmel accents enhanced by salt.

Because this cow's milk Requeson is so light it's very spreadable and could easily be combined with the flavorings of one's choice, and/or stuffed into all manner of tortillas, chiles or even stirred into pasta. This cheese is my new favorite!

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Queseria Bendita 512 S 3rd St. Yakima, WA   98901 509-574-8757