Quel Fromage :: Bellingham, Washington

Cheese Shop For Sale, Quel Fromage Bellingham WA Many cities are amalgamations of smaller, independent towns that grew together and eventually became one, either by annexation or general acceptance...that describes the relationship of Ballard to Seattle and Albina to Portland as well as Fairhaven to Bellingham, Washington. Fairhaven, now situated on Bellingham's south side, has evolved into a lovely historic district; some may also know it as the place where you catch the ferry to Alaska. Among its many claims to fame, Fairhaven is the location of artisan cheese shop Quel Fromage.

Rachel Riggs and her husband, originally from San Diego, fell for the Bellingham area while visiting on vacation; in fact, they liked it so much they moved there. Just over a year ago, Riggs opened Quel Fromage in the Fairhaven district. It's a gorgeous, sophisticated shop that carries a selection of high-end chocolates, oils and cured meats as well as a broad selection of domestic and imported cheeses. In addition, Riggs offers classes and events focused around wines, cheeses and other gourmet goodies. One of her most creative concepts: tasting notes and wine pairing suggestions printed right on the store receipt!

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Quel Fromage 1200 Old Fairhaven Parkway  Suite 101 Bellingham, WA  98225 360-671-0203 hours: Mon-Sat 10-6  Sunday 12-5