2008 American Cheese Society Awards :: Northwest Winners

Northwest cheesemakers took home 21 awards at this year's American Cheese Society Competition: fifteen were from Oregon, six were from Washington. The awards are listed below in alphabetical order by cheesemaker.

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Overall Best in Show:  Carr Valley Snow White Goat Cheddar (Wisconsin)

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Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

** Cheddar Flavored w/ Sweet Flavorings - 1st Place  Marco Polo
** Smoked Cheddar  - 3rd Place Smoked Flagship

Estrella Family Creamery

** Aged Goat’s Milk Cheeses/Open Category  - 1st Place  Grisdale Goat
** Smoked Italian Style  - 2nd Place  Weebles

Mt. Townsend Creamery

American Made/International Style - Open/ (Cow’s Milk)   - 1st Place  Trailhead

Rivers Edge Chevre

** Soft Ripened Flavor Added - 2nd Place  -  Sunset Bay
** Smoked Cheeses – Open Category (Goat’s Milk)  - 2nd Place  Up in Smoke

Rogue Creamery

** Blue Cheeses (Cow’s Milk ) - 2nd Place  Oregon Blue & 3rd Place  Crater Lake Blue
** Blue Veined (Mixed Milk)   1st Place   Echo Mountain Blue
** Cheddar w/ Sweet Flavorings - 2nd Place   Chocolate Stout Cheddar

Tillamook County Creamery

** Cheddar – Aged (All milk Types)   - 3rd Place  White Cheddar
** Cheddar from Cow’s Milk (aged less than 12 mo) - 2nd Place White Cheddar
** Mature Cheddars (aged 25-48 mo)  1st Place White Cheddar

Tumalo Farms

** Farmstead Cheeses – Open Category (Goat’s Milk)  - 1st Place Classico
** Flavored Cheeses w/ Crushed Peppercorns (All Milks) -  3rd place  Capricorns
** Flavored Cheeeses – Open Category -  3rd Place  Pondhopper

Washington State University Creamery

American Originals - 2nd Place  Cougar Gold

Willamette Valley Cheese Co.

** American Made/International Style – Flavor Added Dutch  - 2nd Place  Cumin Gouda
** Cheddar from Cow’s Milk (aged less than 12 mo) - 3rd Place Farmstead Cheddar
** Fresh Unripened Queso Fresco, Queso Blanco, etc. - 2nd Place  Queso Fresco