Alaskan Cheese Controversy

You may recall awhile back I mentioned a new Alaskan dairy operation that developed an interesting idea: selling cheese 'futures' as a way to fund its nascent operation. Supporters were encouraged to buy cheese ahead of time and collect their cheddar later.

The idea was borne out of the demise of Matanuska Dairy last year, a development which left area dairy farmers with no place to send milk. Thousands of gallons were dumped for months, and the farmers faced the very real prospect of losing their livelihoods. Matanuska Creamery filled the void and funded their startup with the innovative cheese futures concept.

Now things at the newly minted creamery have taken a turn for the worse.... according to reports, Alaskan officials are holding all of the raw milk cheddar made by Matanuska Creamery over the past few months, because, they say, it tests positive for listeria. An independent lab in Washington, however, found no listeria.

For more information see the article in the Alaska Daily News here.