2008 American Dairy Goat Association Competition - Northwest Winners

American Dairy Goat AssociationThe American Dairy Goat Association held its annual convention in Northern California last week. Part of the festivities included a cheese competition, and the results are just starting to trickle out now.

Not every producer enters every competition - entering is expensive and time consuming for a cheesemaker who has lots of other things to do....some also feel that there isn't sufficient reward in entering or even in winning. Nevertheless, awards (particularly multiple awards) do bring recognition and give retailers something to talk about when they're selling cheese. And it's pretty impressive to be singled out amongst one's peers. Here's this year's Northwest winners, an all-Oregon contingent: Best in Show - Bonnie Blue Farm Parker (Tennessee)

Rivers Edge Chevre

1st Place - Flavored Surface Mold Ripened Cheese - Sunset Bay

3rd Place - Unflavored Surface Mold Ripened Cheese - Silcoos

Fraga Farm

3rd Place - Unflavored Hard Cheese

Amateur Division

Laurie Carlson - Fairview Farm (Dallas, OR)  2nd and 3rd place - Unflavored Hard Cheeses

Laurie and Terry Carlson hope to be licensed and up and running in Spring of 2009, so those in the Portland and Salem area can look for their raw milk aged goat's milk cheeses sometime next year.