Welcome Sunset Readers!

Pacific Northwest CheeseWow! It's a real privilege to be included in Sunset's list of 'bloggers we can't live without' (March 2009 issue). Being mentioned alongside stellar bloggers like Molly from Orangette, Heidi from 101 Cookbooks or Jeff from Beervana is sort of mind boggling! Here's a quick guide to Pacific Northwest Cheese Project:

I try to provide as much information as possible to people out there interested in Northwest cheesemakers, their cheeses, as well as cheese issues and events throughout the region. I talk about cheeses I like (see here, for example, where I recently discussed Estrella Family Creamery's Caldwell Crik Chevrette), I talk about up and coming cheesemakers (here's a recent post about new Washington cheesemaker Herron Hill Dairy), cheese issues (like my new series covering how cheese is made) and pretty much anything else involving cheese that I find interesting, or I think readers might find interesting. Scroll down to the bottom right hand side of the blog and you will find links to categories and archives where you can mosey through most of what I've written over the past few years about cheese. As you can see, I also have a distinct tendency toward long complicated sentences but I'd like to think that just adds to the charm of reading this blog.

On the left hand side of ths site (<------ over there) I have complied lists of artisan cheesemakers from the region, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. I've also compiled a broad collection of bloggers who are talking about cheese, and food generally. There's lots of great writing out there that's worth exploring!

On the right hand side (over there ------> ) I have developed lists of references and resources....cheese books, great places to buy cheese all over the region, and organizations like the American Cheese Society or state guilds where consumers and cheesemakers can learn more.

Also check out the Cheese Events Calendar, which attempts to capture all manner of dinners, tastings and festivals associated with cheese or with cheese themes that are going on in the Pacific Northwest, from Vancouver BC to Seattle to Portland to Boise.

So welcome and thanks for reading - and support your local cheesemakers by buying their cheese!! And while you're surfing the web, take a look at Sunset's blog, One Block Diet.

In the photo: Estrella Family Creamery Black Creek Buttery (left) and Grisdale Goat.