Guess the Cheeses and Win a Free Book!

Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest I just received an advance copy of my new book in the mail! It's amazing to think that after all this time it's actually real, there is an actual book and it will be -gasp- available shortly. It's all pretty incredible, in fact so incredible that I'm having a little bit of a hard time looking at the book, as if it will dissolve in my hands if I touch it. This will take some time to process....

But clearly it's also time to celebrate this momentous occasion and to do so, I'm going to give away a free book! The person who can corectly identify the most cheeses in the cover photo will win a free copy (autographed if you choose). Second and third runner ups will each receive a Formaticum Cheese Journal for recording all of your artisan cheese tasting adventures.

I know this is not a simple task, so here are a few hints:

** There are eight separate cheeses in the photo, from seven different producers. ** Producers from Oregon, Idaho and Washington are represented. ** The two soft ripened cheeses in the bottom left hand part of the photo (with the white rinds) are not the same cheeses, nor are they from the same state. ** One producer has two cheeses represented in the photo. That producer is from Oregon.

Deadline for entry is Monday, April 13th at noon. Good luck! Leave your submissions in the comments below or email me directly (pnwcheese -at-