Fairaview Farm in Sequim, Washington

Fairaview Farm Sequim WAPennie Dutro Lujan grew up on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Her father, a doctor, had what she calls a 'hobby farm' where he'd retreat after long hours at work. Lujan remembers that the family was self sufficient in many ways, keeping cattle, chickens as well as tending a substantial garden. "Growing up then, local was walking out the door and picking vegetables and milking cows," she says. Using whatever milk she could find, she started making cheese in the 1970s. Lujan and her husband purchased their current farm in Sequim (pronounced skwim) in 1999. They started out growing lavender - the area is known for its lavender farms. Though the lavender operation was successful, she says its seasonal nature left her looking for something else. "My goal now is to show how important family farms are to communities." With just two Jersey cows currently, Fairaview Farm is making about 100lbs of cheese per week. This productivity is all the  more remarkable considering that Lujan has endured knee and leg problems all of her life; a recent knee replacement has her pain free and loving her new found freedom.

Fairaview Farm produces mainly Brie, Camembert and Cambozola. Right now the cheeses are available at the Sequim Open Aire Market and through a program called Sequim Locally Grown Mercantile, a micro-CSA program where customers place orders online.

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Fairaview Farm Pennie Dutro Lujan 813 Youngquist Rd. Sequim, WA  98362 360-681-2486