Cheese Dinner at Salt, Fire & Time in Portland

Salt, Fire & Time Portland ORThere was a time when Ripe Family Supper (especially before it became widely known) was the hottest dining destination in Portland. Fast forward through a few years and a lot of drama and you'll find that today, there's a new family style supper in town - this one hosted at Salt, Fire & Time, a community supported kitchen in Southeast Portland. While the community supported kitchen concept is new to Portland, the principles behind it are familiar. A CSK combines aspects of catering, restaurant, event space and classroom; at Salt, Fire & Time, these functions are ably managed by Tressa Yelling, a trained chef who's passionate about food and nutrition. In addition to classes and dinners held most weeks, Yellig offers for sale a wide variety of foods created in the kitchen, ranging from immune boosting greens to kombucha to broths and truffles. Customers are encouraged to participate in the preparation of all of the foods offered as well as to purchase them.

Last week Yellig invited me to attend one of her Friday dinners and talk about all of the great cheese available in Oregon. She typically invites a guest speaker (could be anyone from a produce grower, a rancher or a nutritionist) to talk to the dinner guests about a theme or topic of interest. She put together a beautiful cheese plate for the occasion of my talk (see photo), consisting of Rogue River Blue, Rivers Edge Sunset Bay and Dee Creek Farm Feta, accompanied by pickled green beans and olives. After that, we all enjoyed farm raised steak, zucchini/celeriac gratin, an amazing mixed green salad and, appropriately, cheese cake. Not only was I pleased to talk about local cheese, but I was honored to be able to contribute to the mission behind Salt, Fire & Time.

For more info about Tressa Yellig and Salt, Fire & Time see here. Check here for the list of upcoming dinners and events, including the November 7th Open House from 6-10pm.


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Salt, Fire & Time 609 SE Ankeny Portland, OR  97214 503-208-2758