November Cheese News Roundup

*Amanda over at FU Cheese recently posted a nice article about her visit to Amaltheia Dairy, makers of fine goat cheese located near Bozeman, Montana. See the full piece here.

* Ever made ice cream out of cheese? Kirstin has - see her recipe for Gouda Ice Cream here. I've not tried this myself but it sounds intriguing...

* Apparently the Seattle Times saw fit to publish an article about me and this site last Sunday - link here. If you had once worked for a former Enron subsidiary, you too might have called your job "painful and annoying."

*As I've mentioned previously, there's a lot happening in the cheese world over on Twitter. @100cheeses has put together the definitive list of folks to follow in the world of American Cheese - find it here.

*Do you subscribe to Culture Magazine? Here's a preview of their upcoming's a fantastic glossy magazine devoted to all things cheese. I highly recommend it for the queso-inclined person in your life, including, but not limited to, yourself.

*There's a new cheesemaker in Washington - Kurtwood Farms on Vashon Island. More here.