Peter McIntosh, Father of Oregon's Cheese Industry

Peter McIntosh, Father of Oregon Cheese If you've read anything about the history of Tillamook (either the city or the cheese producer) then you've probably come across the name of Peter McIntosh. In 1894, the early dairymen and cheesemakers of the Tillamook area were struggling. They'd settled on the idea of making cheese, but had a bit of a problem - no one really knew how to make cheese well or consistently. Then Harry Ogden and T. S. Townsend had the bright idea to hire McIntosh away from a cheese factory he was then operating in Woodland, Washington. McIntosh, a native of Ontario, Canada, brought much needed experience to Tillamook, and perhaps more importantly, he brought a recipe for making cheddar cheese. His contributions led to the sustained growth of the cheese industry in Tillamook and its later expansion all along the Oregon coast. McIntosh himself went on to own several creameries in the Tillamook area and in Southwest Washington. He spent his final years in Gaston, Oregon, where he worked at the local cheese factory until his death in 1940.