Seattle Cheese Festival May 15-16th 2010

Seattle Cheese Festival 2010  




The Seattle Cheese Festival will be back for its 6th year May 15-16th, 2010. This is it - the festival where you can immerse yourself in all things queso. Really, wherever your passion for cheese lies, this festival has you covered. For those into making cheese at home, the fresh mozzarella making/stretching demo is for you. For chefs and cooks. the demo stage will be just your thing. And if you just want to sample a few styles and learn the finer points of cheeses from around the world, well, there will certainly be plenty of cheese at this festival. And if that all sounds a bit overwhelming, seek solace at the wine/beer garden, where for a $10 fee you can sample up to five different libations.  Here's a couple of additional highlights:


This year's seminars look especially promising, with Mary Keehn (Cypress Grove Chevre) and Allison Hooper (Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery), two pioneers of the industry, leading the way. Also featured: Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont, Daphne Zepos 0f Essex St. Cheese Co. and Laura Dubouloz, who works for affineur Herve Mons. More seminar info and registration can be found here.

Grilled Cheese Contest

There's just one more week to submit your grilled cheese recipes - the Seattle Cheese Festival Grilled Cheese contest deadline is May 1st! The winning sandwich will be featured in the deli at DeLaurenti's, and the winner will do a demo at the if you've got a hankering for great grilled cheese sandwiches AND a flair for drama, this might be for you. For details, including recipe requirements, click here.

Check the website for details on these and other events.

Seattle Cheese Festival held at Seattle's Pike Place Market May 15-16th 2010