Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival :: Whistler, BC August 14th, 2010

Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival

The 2009 race winners show off their prizes

You're  familiar with the Cheese Rolling Festival at Coooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, England, right? The one where they throw wheels of cheese down the hill and people chase after them?

Well, the Dairy Farmers of Canada, inspired by that bit of wackiness, have developed their own version of this emerging sport. The Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival will be held in Whistler, BC at Whistler Blackcombe - on hills which double as ski slopes during the winter - this coming Saturday, August 14th, 2010. Festivities begin at noon.

In order to participate in the big race/roll, you must show up starting at 11am to register for the various men's and women's events (note that you must be over 19 years of age to enter). And there will be lots of other stuff going on during the day as well - an uphill race for the kids, cheese bowling through an obstacle course, seminars and cheese sampling at the Farmer's Market, which will feature several Canadian cheesemakers including Natural Pastures Cheese Co. and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. So really, it's a big party - and who doesn't want to witness the development of a worldwide cheese themed contact sport?

And what of the actual cheese being rolled?  It's a specially developed 11lb wheel of Cracked Pepper Verdelait from Natural Pastures Cheese Co. in Courtenay, BC. Worth chasing after, for sure. So damn the risk, damn the liability, get yourself out there!