Sally Jackson Recalls All Cheese Due to Possible E Coli Contamination

Sally Jackson has recalled all of her cheeses due to possible e coli contamination.

The recall is the result of an investigation that has been underway for several weeks. Apparently an e coli 'cluster' was discovered in several Pacific Northwest states, and the illnesses were traced to cheese consumed by the various people who fell ill. Investigators have focused on Sally Jackson's cheeses as a possible source of the outbreak.

It's not immediately clear if this is related to notice Jackson received earlier this month from the state of Washington demanding that she upgrade her facility.

For more info, see the FDA Recall notice here.

update: While Jackson has issued a voluntary recall, it must be emphasized that investigators have not yet definitively linked her cheese to the e coli outbreak.

update: See the 12/17 article in the Seattle Times here. According to the Times, preliminary tests show that one wheel of Jackson's cheese did contain e coli, but that strain has not been positively connected to the outbreak strain as of yet.

update: Sally Jackson's cheese has been confirmed to be the source of the e coli outbreak.