Ultimate Cheese Challenge February 26, 2012 in Portland

Ultimate Cheese ChallengeFebruary 26, 2012 in Portland Choose from 1 of 4  2-hr sessions

Portland cheese aficionados may recall the 101 Cheeses Event of a few years back... Now Steve Jones of Cheese Bar, in partnership with Tabla Mediterranean Bistro presents the Ultimate Cheese Challenge on Sunday February 26th, 2012.

Here's how it works: attendees can choose from several 2 hour sessions throughout the day (see ticket link below for times). Show up at the appointed hour and sample from among Steve's cheese picks (36 of them in all) to your heart's content. Experiment with the variety of wines, beers and ciders available and come up with your favorite pairings. Portland's 33 Books will provide each guest with its 33 Pieces of Cheese journal in which you can record your tasting and pairing impressions. Pace yourself. Sample from the fabulous cured meats provided by Fino in Fondo Salumeria of McMinnville.

Live music will be on tap throughout the day, provided by Stuart Wylen & Jill McArthur as well as Gentle Surprise and Dave.

Tickets are $49 and are available online here.