Review: The Cheese Nun

The Cheese NunI don't typically have the opportunity to talk about documentaries (so few are done on cheese - note to aspiring filmmakers out there) but I wanted to encourage those of you who may have missed PBS's recent airing of The Cheese Nun to find or buy this video/DVD. You won't regret it. Sister Noella Marcellino's commitment to preserving cultural traditions of cheesemaking is inspiring, and her dedication and enthusiasm for life is infectious. Even if cheese is not your thing, Sister Noella will make you want to find your thing and do whatever it is as well as she does. At the very least, you'll want to speak French as well as she does. As an added bonus, several scenes in the film were shot at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in 2001. If you're interested in getting a feel for the ACS Conference in preparation for this summer's extravaganza in Portland, Oregon....take note.

Update: check out the documentary's official web site here.