Estrella Family Creamery Shut Down by FDA

I'm sorry to report that on Thursday October 21st, 2010, the FDA shut down Estrella Family Creamery.

From the Estrella website:

Dear Friends - Last night about 5:30 three cars pulled into the yard with FDA and Federal Marshals, alarming our kids. They posted a seizure order that named all cheeses on the property. This is serious, it could put us out of business.

See Kelli Estrella's full statement here.

The FDA has not released any information so there is currently no way of knowing the reasons behind this most recent action. I'll post more information as soon as I find it.

update: according to Seattle Local Food, the closure was NOT the result of any particular incident and the Estrellas had no recent positive listeria tests. Kelli Estrella provided copies of inspection records at the University Farmers Market Saturday.

update: see subsequent posting here. According to the FDA, there were a number of recent positive listeria tests, as recently as late August 2010.