New in Oregon: Fairview Farm Dairy

Fairview Farm Goat CheeseFairview Farm is a small artisan creamery located in Dallas, Oregon, just outside of Salem. Laurie and Terry Carlson moved to Dallas several years ago from Cheney, Washington where Laurie taught history at Eastern Washington University. Since the move, they've been working hard to establish their cheesemaking operation and were rewarded with the state's official stamp of approval in early April of this year. Cheesemaking was the culmination of what Laurie describes as a sea change in the Carlsons' attitudes about food. "Essentially we rediscovered food and changed our eating habits completely." They'd never kept goats before, but fell in love with them after answering a Craigslist the Carlsons can call themselves 'goat people,' as they now care for a thriving herd of about twenty nubian and alpine goats. Laurie learned to make cheese and her burgeoning cheesemaking skills proved to be quite good - she took second and third place in the amateur category at the 2008 American Dairy Goat Association cheese competition. The Carlsons will specialize in raw milk aged cheeses that Laurie describes as "cheeses that you can take in your lunchbox." Great image, no?

Laurie also has a thriving career as a historian and author of twenty books; she teaches part time at Western Oregon University in addition to making cheese. She put her research skills to work uncovering the history of cheesemaking in the Dallas area, in the process discovering that the area was renowned in the nineteenth century for cheese. “Cynthia Ann Applegate (wife of Jesse Applegate of Applegate Trail fame) was actually famous in the Salem/Dallas area for her cheeses,” Laurie says. “She made several types of cheese using herbs like sage.” The Carlsons plan to take the concept of ‘local’ to a new level by reinventing the aged raw milk cheeses of decades past.

Fairview Farm's current cheese selections include Sweet Dreams, a basket molded round cheese with a natural rind; Cynthian, named after Cynthia Ann Applegate, with herbs; and Cascadia, a round tomme style cheese. Look for them at Steve's Cheese , Elephant's, Abbie & Oliver's in McMinnville and at the OHSU Farmer's market and more outlets coming soon!

[photo courtesy Laurie Carlson]



Fairview Farm Dairy Laurie and Terry Carlson 2340 SW Fairview Dallas, OR  97338 503-623-4744