New in Oregon: Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese

Carine Goldin | Goldin Artisan CheeseCarine Goldin's cheese memories trace back to her hometown of Mouxy in the Savoie region of northern France. Her grandmother, a true cheese connoisseur, is the genius responsible for introducing the young Carine to the wonders of great cheese - taking her along to farms and cheese shops all over the region, buying and sampling all of the beautiful cheese treasures available along the way. Now Carine Goldin is bringing a bit of her native France to the Pacific Northwest by way of her own hand made artisan cheeses. Goldin attended the University of Oregon and worked for Adidas in Portland for a few years before transitioning out of the corporate world, purchasing five acres near Molalla and starting a farm.  She's currently caring for about 20 Alpine goats (12 milking) and was licensed to make cheese in June of this year. Like many artisan cheesemakers, she started out making cheese informally at home. She says that in the early days so little information was available about making cheese that she ended up spending many hours searching French websites for information and advice. No doubt the ability to speak French is a great help when learning to make cheese! Goldin also took the WSU cheesemaking course to perfect her skills before turning pro.

I had a chance to try some of Goldin's first cheeses a few weeks ago. They're absolutely lovely and I can't wait to try more! I'm particularly fond of a couple of her washed rind cheeses, the Certoux and the Cascadian Frechette, each packed with tangy, salty cheese goodness. Equally as good is her Tomme de Sawtell, a cheese she says comes very close to the Tomme de Savoie she remembers growing up. Her passion for the craft is evident in her cheeses, which she has painstakingly nurtured - French in style but with Northwest terroir.

Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese will soon be available at New Seasons and Foster and Dobbs in Portland, or contact Carine Goldin through her website for more information about purchasing cheese.

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