Abbie & Oliver's Artisan Cheeses in McMinnville, Oregon

Abbie & Oliver's Artisan Cheeses Abbie & Oliver's Artisan Cheeses located inside Wednesday Wines 250 NE Third St. McMinnville, Oregon 97128 503-857-5665

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While at a book signing last week in McMinnville, Oregon, in Yamhill County (for the uninitiated, that's about 40+ miles outside of Portland) I happened across a lovely new cheese shop called Abbie & Oliver's. This is an exciting development for Yamhill County food lovers, who have otherwise been forced to travel to Portland to get their cheese fix.

Andrea McEvoy owns the shop; she's a lifelong cheese lover who got into the business by representing gourmet food products retailers at food festivals and trade shows. She saw how enthusiastic people were for specialty cheeses and, knowing that the demand was there, decided that she could be the supplier. When McMinnville wine purveyors Wednesday Wines contacted her in the fall of last year about setting up shop, the time was right and McEvoy decided to give it a go. Abbie & Oliver's debuted in October of last year. The name is styled after the grand names of British cheese shops like Paxton & Whitfield and reflects McEvoy's love of cheese and the tradition and history behind the world's great cheeses.

Now entering its first summer of business, Abbie & Oliver's is poised to bring fine artisan cheeses to Oregon's wine country. McEvoy's cheese case, strategically located inside the wine store, is well stocked with a variety of domestic and international cheeses - I was impressed to see Northwest cheeses like Estrella Family Creamery Red Darla and Rogue Creamery's new Caveman Blue in her case. "My goal," she says, "is to make sure I have a constantly rotating variety and enough of a selection that I can offer something for most tastes and price ranges." She offers wine and cheese pairing classes at the shop and is planning several events in cooperation with local wineries (call for more info). Abbie & Olvier's is well worth a stop on your way through the area and a perfect place to pick up cheeses to pair with all of the area's great wines.